Um……let it go?

Um……let it go?

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (x)

OMG you have no idea how obsessive i am over this at the moment like its been a day since i saw this promo and i know the entire soundtrack off by heart like guys this is not healthy but oh my shit looking at the plot and the incredibleness that is the music this could very well be my favourite musical of all time ever eeekk!!! :D :D :D 

Ok so playing skyrim on my vampire lord when suddenly I find 4 giants and two mammoths fighting a dragon….

This quickly turns into a dragon, 4 giants and two mammoths chasing me….

This turns into a dragon, 4 giants, two mammoths and 4 wolves chasing me…

This then turns to a dragon, 4 giants, 2 mammoths, 6 wolves and 4 imperial soldiers chasing me………

THIS then turns into me accidentally backing into an imperial controlled fortress, meaning my poor vampire is now frantically running down the road to whiterun followed by a dragon, 6 wolves, 2 mammoths, 4 giants and an entire imperial garrison…..

This game hates me…

so ah i got Death Empowerment  and Death Transcendence ……..i see a theme here……well together they make me INCREDIBLY powerful… i always did look good in incredibly tight black ;D hehehe ^_^

"To Hurt to Dance" - Duffy

A message from Anonymous

stop being so cute god. no but actually don't stop; stay cute.

im not cute i am darkness and death and destruction! 

no but thankyou *blush* ^_^

dancing around in my underwear to french and russian pop what has my life come to 

Five Things You’d Put in a Pentagram to Summon Me